In The Beginning

…a long, long time ago in a city far, far away a new earthling was hatched; the name bestowed on to him, Sean Brown.  It was an overly simple name for an overly complicated individual; Sean’s mastery of complex tasks such as eating and breathing at an early age proved that nothing was impossible.

Fast forward 1,827 diaper changes later and behold, Sean’s first words “light on!”  From an early start Sean’s fascination with technology and the things that make the world function paved the way for expensive birthdays and holidays filled with gizmos and gadgets that always required batteries (not included).

As it’s evident from Sean’s first words, understanding how things work remained a constant in his life; all of his nifty gadgets and gizmos met their demise with his need to figure out how they worked. Much like Wile E. Coyote and his unrelenting persistence to satisfy his hunger, Sean learned everything he could from the disassembled pile of parts (which used to function).  Through the years of self-education and perfecting the reassembly technique, these gadgets became not only a learning tool, but something he could continue using afterwards.

Sean, much like the Coyote always analyzed situations, identified the problems and tried his hardest to succeed at everything he did.  Standardized placement testing showed extremely high levels of thinking at an early age and led to gifted/AP classes in grade school.  The lack of challenge in standardized/multi-choice testing left Sean feeling bored and just did what ever it took to find excitement in learning.

Some of Sean’s biggest educational accomplishments were realized not from the “read this chapter and take a test” mentality, but from teachers (public, private and post-secondary) giving him projects which had no structure, no guidelines, no pass or fail, but to identify something he wanted to learn about, research it and produce an end-result showing the reader everything he learned and the miniscule details he found interesting.
[blockquote author=”Jim Rohn”]“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune” – Jim Rohn[/blockquote]

Career Beginnings

Sean entered the IT workforce as the single “IT Guru” in an office filled with 50 people in the days of dial-up internet. While working, he took night classes on various subjects (including computer repair, networking, etc) and excelled at every single one; The ability for Sean to comprehend and understand not only the workings, but the theory/idea behind the technology made classes easy and testing out (well ahead of other class mates) a common occurrence.

His career flourished in the early 2000’s by being recruited to head the IT department of a 700+ person, multi-office engineering company in South Florida.  He was in control of a fast-paced environment where decision-making, project management and effective communications affected hundreds of users across multiple sites.
[blockquote author=”Steve Case”]“And I’d say one of the great lessons I’ve learned over the past couple of decades, from a management perspective, is that really when you come down to it, it really is all about people and all about leadership.” – Steve Case[/blockquote]
Sean has been involved with every aspect of multi-site, multi-server, cross-platform projects (simple and complex) in mission critical environments; His extensive knowledge of datacenter operations, server operating systems and networking gives him the know-how to not only manage the projects but to do the work himself.  His philosophy is simple:
[blockquote]“There’s not one thing I would ask anyone do that I wouldn’t do myself.” – Sean Brown[/blockquote]



One of Sean’s favorite books is Strengths based leadership which has a very detailed self evaluation.  This evaluation details who the real Sean is…

[toggle image=”” title=”Competition”]Sean is especially talented in the Competition theme and measures his progress against the performance of others. He strives to win first place and revel in contests, using his sharp mind to outmaneuver his rivals. His original thinking makes him a formidable – that is, dreaded – opponent. Driven by his talents, he perseveres in his efforts because he believes diligence is rewarded. Reaching his goals spurs him to toil with even greater purpose.[/toggle][toggle image=”” title=”Strategy”]Sean is especially talented in the Strategic theme, creating alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, he can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues. Because of this strength, he draws links between facts, events, people, problems, or solutions very quickly and presents the numerous options for consideration. These insights enable him to form links between things that other people cannot. By nature, Sean pays attention to things going on around him; as he accumulates information, he has the ability to disregard what is unrelated, and pay heed to what seems important, ultimately revealing the root problem and solutions. Sean is attracted to assignments that demand original and inventive thinking requiring him to track down new ideas, facts or data. His out-of-the-box thinking challenges colleagues to [at the very least] question specific conventional practices.[/toggle] [toggle image=”” title=”Analytical”]Sean is especially talented in the Analytical theme and searches for reasons and causes; he is described as a non-nonsense person who is determined to examine the smallest details of processes, problems, regulations, plans and contracts, breaking them into their basic parts to better understand them. Sean is fascinated by data, examining numbers line by line understanding how percentages, profits and budgets are calculated. By nature, when Sean has a goal, he aims to reach it; he is likely the team member who has fun discovering recurring sequences of numbers in data. Sean typically detects subtle numerical configurations others cannot see. Once he finds these hidden or missing pieces of the puzzle, he figures out why a project, theory or mechanism works or fails to work. He often uses numerical data to justify action plans, proposed solutions, budget requests or responses to emerging trends.[/toggle][toggle image=”” title=”Input”]Sean is especially talented in the Input theme, craving to know more; Often he likes to collect and archive all kinds of information. Sean likes to converse with others in his career field about ideas, theories or concepts to gather the latest thinking. Using these insights, he draws colleagues into discussions that entice them to explore topics, not to memorize facts to pass a test, but to understand the subject matter.[/toggle][toggle image=”” title=”Futuristic”]Sean is especially talented in the Futuristic theme and is inspired by the future and what could be. Driven by this talent, Sean shares his visions about the coming months, years or decades with people who appreciate his originality. Because of this strength, he is energized by plans in the coming months, years or decades; Bringing his ideas to life is an exciting proposition; By nature, Sean is eager to get started on a project once he realizes it can be accomplished in the coming weeks, months or years.[/toggle]